Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outfit | Costume Play

Recently, after getting roped into cosplaying (costume playing) Mei from My Neighbor, Totoro with a friend of mine, I started thinking about all the times I cosplayed (closet cosplays mostly) on days that weren't Halloween and any sort of costume party. I was surprised to find that I actually cosplayed a lot more often then I thought I did. I mean I even wore closet cosplays to school, even now while looking for parts for my Mei cosplay, I'm just buying clothes that I'll just be adding to my wardrobe and it's a plus that they work for Mei. 

The whole process of cosplaying is actually really fun. I love watching all of these talented fans recreate their favourite character's outfits with such intricate detail and love. It's even more amazing when they're in character the whole time at a convention. That's dedication and it's just freaking awesome. I love seeing and meeting cosplayers, in fact my cousin on my dad's side is a cosplayer and she makes everything she wears by hand and right now she's working on an FMA cosplay and it's just so cool to see her progress photos and just how dedicated she is to be able to to do this. I think cosplayers get a bad rap which is unfortunate because most cosplayers I know and have met are some of the more fantastic people. If you know a cosplayer who makes their own clothes or spends their money on finding and buying exact items (you know, for shows like Doctor Who and Pushing Daisies) that a character wears, fucking congratulate them because that shit is difficult and they deserve all the awards.
Femme!Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

Femme!John Watson (Sherlock)
Along with femme!Sherlock (Maritza) and femme!Moriarty (Angel).

Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw (Harry Potter)

So yeah, these are the only pictures I could find of myself but I know there's more! I remember there being more. After SacAnime this year, there will definitely be more.

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