Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outfit | Striped Leopard

Who's almost finished with her semester? This chick *points to self!*. I'm so incredibly excited for sleepless nights and lazy days...that is, unless I find a job. Then I'll be looking forward to working, getting paid, sleepless nights, and crazy days. Either way, I'm excited. This summer I'm going to VidCon again and I just cannot be more excited. Then, near the end of summer, I'm going to SacAnime with a friend of mine. I still have time to decide whether or not to cosplay...I'm leaning towards not cosplaying since I don't have the resources to put into cosplaying. If I did, I'd totally be working on another femme!Eleventh Doctor look and maybe another character from Doctor Who. Ah well. One thing I am not looking forward to though is the heat. It gets incredibly hot here in Sacramento/Elk Grove during the summer and I'm just not in love with the heat. I love weather like today. Sunny, cold, and slightly windy. It gives me the sun I need as well as the cold wind that I adore. Someday, when I'm older and financially stable, I'm going to move somewhere where the summers are in the 70-80 degree zone and the winters are white wonderlands, without it getting too dangerous of course. Until then, I'll just keep dreaming of the perfect home.

Outfit Details: Leopard Dress (Marshall's) | Lace Peter Pan Collar Striped Top (Forever 21) | Brown Waist Belt (Forever 21) | Leather Hooded Jacket (Asian boutique) | Black Flats (thrifted)

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