Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outfit | Grey Spring

Last night it rained and I was so ridiculously overjoyed at the pouring of water. I got up this morning and it was all nice and chilly. Of course, by the time I left for class, it was slightly hotter than I wanted it to be. I love the autumn/winter months, I'm not sure if you can tell. I recently bought this jacket a few weeks ago despite the fact that it's been far too hot to wear a sweater, let alone a jacket. Normally, I dress kind of twee, but occasionally, when I'm lazy, I dress more casual, more teenager-like, as if I'm about to go on some indie adventure that plays to an indie playlist. I wish. At least in indie films, everything is predictable and has closure. Unfortunately, real life doesn't really have any of that.

Outfit Details: Hooded Jacket (thrifted) | Black V-Neck Sweater (Express) | Polka Dot Mini Skirt (Forever 21) | Black Tights (Target) | White Converse (gifted) | Pink/Coral beanie (H&M)

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