Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outfit | Purple Relaxation

It's been a while since my last post. I've been so caught up in school and haven't been able to take photos. It's also been incredibly hot and I'm still trying to get the feel of winter out of my bones, but it's difficult. Ugh. Why can't it just be cold and windy? On a positive note, it's supposed to rain tomorrow which is nice. I'm also almost done with the semester. I have my finals next week and I'm excited to be done for the semester. I always get completely drained during this time of the spring semester. I think it's because the end of the semester is SO close but there is just so much work to get through. I just finished writing two ten page papers and now I've just got to study for my Film History, Shakespeare and Film, and Geology finals. I'm feeling fairly positive about them. At the least, I'll get a C in two of my classes and a B in one. Hopefully,  my papers were well-written and researched enough that those will help keep my grades up *fingers crossed*

Outift Details: Purple Flower Pattern Dress (Lace Affair) | Black Shirt Cardigan (thrifted) | Sandals (Target)

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