Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outfit | Green Blossoms

It's been a while since my last post here. I've been so busy with school work and birthdays that I wasn't able to take photos of my outfits the past week. This is from Monday, so that's five days ago. It was sunny and windy and I loved it so much. The weather sort of reminded me of San Francisco/Bay Area weather which is one of my favourites here in California. It was also nice and cloudy which again, I loved. I'm not a fan of the California heat so I love any sort cold weather to break the heat. When I was younger, I remember loving the heat but something changed when I was in middle school and I realized that there was something so much more comforting and relaxing about autumn/winter weather. The only good things about summer? A few months break from school, VidCon/other conventions, and my birthday. Other than that, I hate summer. My wardrobe is way too unprepared for the summer heat.

Outfit Details: High waist skirt (ViVis) | Green Top (thrifted) | Black waist belt (thrifted) | Yellow tights (Target) | Black tip brown oxfords (Forever 21)

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