Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Inspiration | Lovely Inspiration

In Powder and Crinoline : old fairy tales retold. By Arthur Quiller-Couch; illustrated by Kay Nielsen

When I'm in a rut, like now with finals, I tend to look at illustrations, photos, and art that makes me feel less stressed and inspires me to dress up in certain ways. I've always found that there is a lot of fun to be had in receiving style inspiration from drawings especially ones as fantastical as the image above and the images below. When I attempt to, it makes me feel like some mortal that's crossed in the Faery Realm and is attempting to be as elegant and ethereal as those of the Fae courts or like some modern girl that's time-travelled back or forward to whatever time period and is trying to blend in. Of course, I gain just as much inspiration from photography and fashion photography. Either way, it's fun.These are some of my favourite images that I find myself looking back on. All sources are there, if there is no source, I got it from Tumblr.

Lucy Liu photographed for the September 2012 issue of More Magazine

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