Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Hey-lo, any readers still check up on this blog? I'd say probably not since I haven't done much except reviews when I know that most of my followers are here because of my outfit posts. I apologize, as I do, for having so few outfit posts. Well, posts in general. I have been well during my absence from here. How have you guys been? I'm still using my Youtube channel (though my upload schedule is inconsistent as hell) so if you have any video requests that I'm able to do, please let me know. I love getting appropriate video requests. I've thought about doing a mukbang video (mukbang videos are a style of video that originated in South Korea where someone films themselves eating and talking to the viewer) but I haven't decided what food to eat for it. I've also just been trying to not eat out as often. I think these photos show that I've gained a fair bit of weight since my last post and thought I like the curves my body now has, I'd like to have just slightly slimmer legs and arms.

Anyways, since my last post, I have also quit working at Crossroads. I couldn't really talk about my experience working there while I was still employed there but now that I've quit, I will say that it was a negative experience albeit a really good learning experience. I'm still thankful that I was able to get a job here because all of the stress and anxiety that the job caused me, prepared me and helped me get my current job at Urban Outfitters. I'm not a full-time employee at UO, but I get quite a few shifts (two long ones each week normally), a lot more shifts and hours than I used to get at my old job. I also enjoy the environment here a lot more too. I used to feel so anxious and sick walking into my old job but as soon as I walk into Urban, I feel super excited and ready to work. I was recently given a new position as well. I'm the Beauty Specialist at my store which is really cool cause I essentially get to work in my own department. Basically I really love working at UO. Which is surprising considering the company's history but the store and the people I work with are incredible and so fucking inspiring to be around and to work with. 
 Outfit Details: Kimchi Blue Crop Top, Flying Tomato Skirt, and Cathy Jean Ankle Boots (Thrifted)
And props to my boyfriend for helping me take photos for this post and for any future posts. He's a real keeper. Here's to hoping that my self confidence continues on and makes it possible for me to make more outfit posts!

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