Monday, June 6, 2016

Review | MISSHA M Magic Cushion in No. 23

Product: MISSHA M Magic Cushion in shade No. 23 Natural Beige
Price: $9.27 (Amazon link) | $19.00 (Official US MISSHA link)
Review: I've only been using this for a total of two days but I really really like this cushion compact so far. It brightens my skin, gives me a natural dewy finish, and provides buildable coverage if needed. I have it in the shade No. 23 which is just a hair too light for me but I tend to keep my base bright in comparison to the rest of my skin so it didn't really bother me. For reference, I am shade Punjab in the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. Like the majority of Korean brands, there aren't many shade choices in the range. For this, there are three shades available: No. 21 Light Beige, No. 23 Natural Beige, and No. 27 Honey Beige. The darkest shade, Honey Beige, isn't darker so much as it is slightly warmer in tone compared to the two other shades. If you're darker than me, you won't be able to find a shade match. One thing I really dislike about Korean brands is how limited their shade ranges are in terms of skin tone. I understand that the majority of their consumers are quite light skinned, but it's obtuse to not include any darker shades. 
Other than that, I really like this. Before this product, I didn't have any cushion compacts. I thought they were messy and I already have quite a few BB creams that I haven't even run out of but I decided to get this one because it's the same formula of the fan-favorite MISSHA BB Cream. I think having to apply it in taps with the puff definitely makes the skin look more natural and less caked on. There's also a luminous radiant finish to this formula which I love. I've been favoring more glowy finishes for my base so this was a happy surprise. The formula for this includes witch hazel which is a great ingredient because it won't irritate your skin and will instead soothe and calm the skin. The formula is supposed to be able to absorb sweat and sebum so that your makeup lasts longer but I tend to get a tiny bit oily in my T-zone so I still set that and my undereye with loose powder just in case. Turns out that was a smart move on my part. Because of the luminous finish, I do think that a touch of powder to set the T-zone and any parts of the face that are more likely to crease is a good idea if you have even a touch of oily skin. I recommend this product if you're thinking about getting into Korean makeup but aren't sure what to get. There are A LOT of different BB Creams, CC Creams, cushion compacts, jelly compacts, etc. on the market and more to come. This product is a tried and true formula that is quite popular within the KBeauty community and it's one that I'd recommend wholeheartedly. Plus, MISSHA doesn't test on animals which is always A+ in my books.
Rating: 5/5
This is what the cushion compact looks like on my face after 6 hours of wear in natural light. I wore this to work and I'm still wearing it as I'm typing up this post. It's held up well and I've only had to powder once since I got home and that was just on my T-zone where, like I had said before, am oilier than on the rest of my face. I thought that it would look "cakey" around my nose and mouth but it actually looked quite nice. Even with powder, the finish still looked like skin. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life | A Rare Weekend Getaway

So a couple of weeks ago, Court and I were lucky enough to get a rare chance to get away from Sacramento and from work. Now if you don't follow my YouTube/Vlog then you probably don't know that the past few months for us have been stressful and tiring. Court works two jobs and often has to get up for a 4:30AM shift and then come home for a few hours before going off for another shift at his other job. As you guys know, I have two jobs as well. One I really look forward to and the other frustrates me to no end. It was safe to say that Court and I could not wait to get away from the stresses of retail and customer service work. I mean let's be real, about 99.9% of shoppers/consumers are total assholes. Anyways. I took some photos while we were in Southern California. I didn't take a lot because well, I was busy relaxing and documenting it didn't really seem right. I guess because I'm on my phone a lot here, it felt weird to take it out while I was supposed to be relaxing. 

We stayed with Court's family in San Diego which is such a treat. I've only been there once before and like last time, they made me feel right at home. Court's family is so great and I absolutely adore them. I know Court was happy to see them and it was good to see Court look and feel more relaxed. There was nothing but good feelings our whole trip and I think a huge part of that is credited to Court's family. They're just such good and funny and wonderful people. 
On the drive down to San Diego, we stopped at a little water conservatory place. We stopped here last time and it was crazy windy then. It was a little windy here too but it was like a pleasant windy, you know? Court and I like stopping here because the bathrooms are clean, we learn about conserving water, and we always enjoy the sight of the lake next door.
 This is the only OOTD I have to show for my trip and of course it was my travelling look. Everything but the shoes were thrifted.
This is Court's family and I near the end of a beautiful hike we did. We were at Torrey Pines which is a cool and wonderful seaside hike. Being anemic, I wasn't able to hike at the same pace as everyone else and almost fainted at one point. But Court's family is seriously incredible and the hike was still beautiful despite that. The boat I photographed was the only boat in the whole area and we all had a laugh about the boat name when I zoomed in on it. 
This was the only picture I got at Disney. Again, I was honestly too busy having fun to even remember that I had a DSLR AND an iPhone. No photos were taken and not much video was recorded but I had so much fun that day. We went on a Sunday and we met up with my dear friend, Linh, and her boyfriend Joel. They moved down to San Diego after they both graduated. I have missed Linh and was so happy to spend a day with her and Joel. The above was taken at the Indian Jones ride where Court and I met a cute hot Irish boy named John who was there for what we assumed was the Disney Program. He was funny. And cute. I wanted to be like "Yo, if you need some friends, ya got some right here boyo" but I thought that was weird and plus he's working and probably didn't want to be badgered by a couple of kooks. 
We ended the trip by meeting up with my Uncle RJ and his partner Cindy. They took us out to lunch at a cool vegan restaurant on Melrose called Crossroads. I found out when I got back that this is one of Ellen Degeneres' favorite restaurants. My Uncle and Cindy are vegan and Court's vegetarian so this place was a perfect pick. The food was so good and all of it was vegan. You see that picture up there? Did you think that was fried chicken and waffles? Cause I mean it is. It's just vegan. Even the butter and syrup were vegan and it was SO good. The vegan chicken was perfectly crispy even slathered in hot sauce syrup and the waffle tasted to good with the vegan butter. I seriously loved this place. It wasn't too expensive either which was good. The area itself is more of an upper class place (I mean it's Melrose sooo..) surrounded by stores like Joie, Alexander McQueen, Alice+Olivia, and multiple extravagant cafes. Someday I will come back to Crossroads and eat some more vegan fried chicken and waffle. 

That was a perfect end to our trip. We made it home and ended up sleeping for days. We spent most of our weekend sleeping, waking up early, and stuffing as much as we could into our short stay. 

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