Sunday, March 6, 2016

Review | NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

Product: NYX Liquid Suede in "Soft Spoken", "Vintage", and "Stone Fox"
Price: $6.99
Link: Purchase from Ulta
Review: Hey guys! Long time no see! After months of silence here, I bring you a review! I have been trying out these cream lipsticks from NYX for a while now so I figured I'd write up a review for you guys. Liquid lipsticks are becoming more and more common in the beauty world. Practically every brand has a liquid lipstick-type product: Anastasia, Jeffree Star, Dose of Colors, Ofra, Stila, Tarte, and Kat Von D to name a few. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to spend $18+ on just one liquid lipstick. This has caused loads of drugstore brands to release their own liquid lipsticks in order to keep up with trends. The ones I know most about are from Colourpop, Milani, and NYX. This brings us to this review. These cream lipsticks remind me of larger and less drying versions of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (they've just released a lot of amazing colors to this product btw). I have three shades: "Soft Spoken" which is kind of a mauvey brown shade, "Vintage" which is a burgundy shade, and "Stone Fox" which is a grey with blue undertones. While these aren't exactly transfer and smudge-proof, they're still a pretty great affordable option if you want to get into liquid lipsticks. They have a nice vanilla scent but it's nothing too strong or off-putting. As I've said before, I don't find these to be super drying. They sit really nicely on the lips and are fairly easy to remove. I suppose since they're not matte, they aren't very drying. I still suggest priming your lips with a primer and/or lip balm though. It'll help with application. Speaking of which, the applicator is a long slender doe-foot like applicator. I find that it works well for application on my lips, but if you have lips on the thinner side, you might find it difficult to use the applicator. One other thing I love about these is the shade selection. There are 12 shades and they range from the gorgeous blue-toned grey "Stone Fox" to the bright lilacy shade of "Sway". In terms of longevity, I find that these last a fairly long time on me. I wear them for work and for hanging out with friends. Like I've said, these aren't smudge-proof and transfer-proof. They will move if your hand bumps against your lips, if you kiss your significant other, and especially if you eat out. I find that they do seem to leave a slight stain on your lips. I suggest blotting in-between applying layers. Not only will blotting help with ensuring longer wear time, it'll also help to really mattify the lips. The swatches on my wrist were made with one swipe. Even the lighter swatched quite nicely. I can't speak for the really light shades but from what I have, I can see that this is a very nicely pigmented product. When you swipe it on the lips, you pretty much get even coverage. I didn't noticed any patchiness in the application whatsoever which is great cause even some of the more expensive brands have some shades that apply patchily. All in all, I really like this product. I just wish they were transfer-proof but that's my only gripe with them. I still highly recommend them for anyone wanting to get into liquid lipsticks but not wanting to spend a whole crap ton of money on something you're not sure about whether or not you'll like. 
Rating: 4/5
Top to bottom: Soft Spoken, Vintage, and Stone Fox

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