Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Outfit | Trying

Long time no see! For anyone still following this blog, I apologize for the hiatus here. I've been meaning to start posting regularly here again. Now if you want a quick refresher as to what my outfit posts were like and the kinds of "looks" featured, I actually set up a lookbook where I have a lot of my older looks documented for quicker digestion if you don't want to sift through older posts here. I will be uploading this and all of my future outfits on there as well as here.
So what has been up with me? Well, I gained a second job. I started working as a temporary sales associate at my local Urban Outfitters last November and I was recently made a permanent team member! My store is expanding the beauty department in the Women's Accessories and they need a team lead for it and I was encouraged to apply for it by two of my supervisors and my store manager so I went ahead and applied. I'm excited and super hopeful. I love reading, writing, and talking about beauty products so I'd love to be able to be in charge of the beauty department at my store. Especially since Urban was one of the first US stores I saw that started carrying Korean and Japanese beauty products (mostly skincare but now they're rolling out a lot of actual makeup products). They recently started selling a brand called Milk Makeup online and I am so excited to try this brand. Majority of their products are multi-use which I think is great because you're really getting a lot of use out of one product and really getting what you paid for. I'm excited to get ahold of some of the products and review them on here. Plus my discount is awesome. I planned on buying some products which would've cost me $110 not including shipping (Milk products are only being sold online and in-store at select Urban stores) but with my discount, it would come out to $66! It's insane how good my discount is.
Wowza. I went off on a tangent there but that's basically what's been up with me. Oh! And Court and I moved out of Davis and moved to North Sacramento and we now live with a friend of ours in a fairly nice apartment. I also decided to take a hiatus from school. If you've been with me for a while and follow my YouTube channel, then you'll know that school was an incredibly huge source of stress and anxiety. I was at my worst with my anxiety disorder during the semester and my last semester, it just took a lot out of me. I had way more panic attacks and mental breakdowns then I would have liked. I made the difficult decision (after a lot of discussion with people close to me and my therapist) to take some time off from school and just focus on myself and my mental health. I can honestly say that I've been quite happy and content with my decision. I have less panic attacks and I haven't had to meet with my therapist since this time last year. I do find myself missing studying and writing about literature, engaging in intelligent discourse, and just bettering my intelligence but I remember how awful I felt and how I just felt like I wasn't doing anything except for following whatever other people told me was the right path for me when I knew better. If anyone would like me to write up a longer post about making the decision to leave school and such, feel free to let me know. I'd be more than happy to write something like that.
So long story short, I'm doing pretty okay. I want to get back into regularly blogging and reviewing stuff cause I'll admit that I missed documenting my outfits. Anyways, I'll see you guys soon! I apologize for the not so great photos. I might have forgotten how to take and edit photos of myself. Oops. 
Outfit Details:
Navy Rain Coat (YesStyle)
Yellow Infinity Scarf (Crossroads)
Red Striped Quarter Sleeve Top (Thrifted)
Acid Wash Denim Babydoll Dress (Crossroads)
Black Tights (Target)
Brown Boots (JustFab)

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