Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oufit Retrospective | Favorite Fall Looks of 2013

 So I've been fairly silent here for the past couple of weeks (or months, not really sure how long it's been...oops!) and I thought it'd be a nice idea to do a new kind of post called an "Outfit Retrospective" where I look back at my small archive of outfit posts and pick some of my favorites. Since fall/autumn has already begun, I decided to do a post centered around the theme of my favorite fall looks from 2013. If you're wondering about the lacks of coats and such in some of these pictures, keep in mind that I live in Northern California where cold temperatures don't really hit us until late October-mid November. Please enjoy this little retrospective of a time when I had no job and was just being an introverted homebody. To be honest, I still wear these outfits whenever I'm able to. I'm so predictable. Once I like an outfit, I will wear it all the time. It's true. Just ask anybody who works with me. Anyways, check out these looks and be inspired to wear colored tights and cozy cardigans this fall!

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