Monday, June 15, 2015

Review | Secret Key 'Let Me Know' CC Cream

Product: Secret Key "Let Me Know" CC cream
Cost: $7.19 (ebay) | $12.33+shipping (Amazon price)
Link: ebay | amazon
Review: Just a heads up, this will be the first of some Korean beauty products that I will be reviewing in the next couple of days and/or weeks. Okay, so this is the first CC cream I've ever tried. For those who may not know, CC creams came about after the popularity of BB or beauty balm creams. CC means color correcting or color control cream. Coverage varies for a lot of these balms and depends on the brand. For a lot of Korean CC creams, I've noticed that a lot of them are white creams that contain little color balls that burst and adjust to your skin tone for a perfect color match. At least that's what they advertise. I've found that with this CC cream despite advertising a perfect color match, when blended on my face, it's still a bit lighter but I expected that. With Korean makeup styles, the point is to brighten and illuminate the face while with Western makeup styles, the point is to match your face coloring to the rest of your body. And as someone who has naturally tan skin, I didn't expect a Korean CC cream to be able to perfectly match my skin. So with color matching, I wouldn't give this cream a perfect score. It's got light to medium coverage so it won't completely cover blemishes, spots, and under eye circles. You'll definitely need an extra layer or two or a concealer. I use a light layer and then concealer for my circles and if I'm feeling like adding the extra work, I'll use another concealer for my spots and blemishes. There is a slight scent but it pretty much goes away when you're blending it onto your skin. I don't really like the applicator because I don't think it's very hygienic. I like products with a pump since I'm not really touching the product and letting it go back in, if that makes sense. Other than that, I like this CC cream well enough. It's not the first thing I reach for, but for everyday usage it's alright. It's got a really high SPF content which is great for me cause I live in a very sunny place but don't wear this if you plan on being photographed with flash photography. For those who might not know, since this has a high SPF content, that means that your face/anywhere with this product on it, will be super shiny with the flash. I have oily to combination skin during the warmer seasons and that can leave me a little shiny later on in the day so it's good for me to set my T-zone with a setting powder like Rimmel's Stay Matter Pressed Powder. Long term effects that I've noticed include my skin tone looking a bit more even. There are less blotchy spots of red throughout my face and the texture seems a lot smoother. I do like this product and use it quite often. I probably won't repurchase it though once I run out. 
Rating: 3.5/5


Half blended:

Fully blended out:

On the left is the product on my nose and then on the right is it blended out with my finger tips and a stippling brush. As you can see from the above blended out swatches and the photo below, it's quite brightening so be wary if you have darker skin than myself. It might result in an ashy finish or in an almost white paint-like finish. 

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