Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inspiration | God Help the Girl (2013/2014)

 So "God Help the Girl" is the musical drama from Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian. The film stars Emily Browning, Olly Alexander, and Hannah Murray as our main cast. The film also features their own singing. Having already heard Emily and Olly's voices, I was most curious about Hannah Murray's voice and I have to say, that while nasally, Hannah's voice has a certain charm to it. Odd. Anyway, the film is about Eve. Eve is a young early twenties woman that has just escaped from the psychiatric hospital where she was being treated for anorexia. While there, Eve began to take solace in songwriting which is why, after escaping, she heads to Glasgow in an effort to become a musician. When she gets there, she meets James (Olly) and his guitar student, Cassie (Hannah). I haven't watched the film since it's not being released anywhere in my area, but from the clips released from the film, Emily, Olly, and Hannah have such fantastic chemistry and it seriously shows. I think the fact that they became such good friends in the process of filming, that helped to portray Eve, James, and Cassie's growing friendship more realistically. The Glasgow portrayed in this film seems to be one that takes place in 2013-2014 (I think) but has the aesthetics and wardrobe styling from the 50s-60s. The styling is perfect and giving me brand new ideas of different styles to try and the music is fun and poppy. I've been listening nonstop to the soundtrack and Emily Browning's voice is just so pretty and lilting. I really do wish this film was playing near me but unfortunately, I am not that lucky. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top 5 | Ways to Wear Button-Ups!

As someone who wears collared shirts and button-ups a lot, I thought it'd be a good idea to share my top 5 ways for wearing button-ups. Button ups are an easy way to casual-ify a fancy dress or to dress up a pair of jeans. They are a definite wardrobe essential for anyone because there are so many different ways to wear button-ups and they double up for being casual but for also being serious business when you want to. Anyway, here are my top 5 ways for how I've worn button-ups in the past and how I've continued to wear them. I hope you enjoy!

1. Tucked In
Probably the most obvious way, but one way to wear a button-up is by itself, tucked into a pair of pants/jeans or a skirt; OR just over pants/jeans or a pair of shorts. I tend to wear different variations of this outfit, especially during the fall/winter only with tights and socks and a peacoat on top. This is easily one of the most simple ways to wear a button-up. It's simple but it gets the point across that you're trendy but with a hint of serious business ready to burst from you at a moment's notice.

2. Over a dress or skirt
This is another simple way to wear button-ups. During the summer, if you're like me and self-conscious about your arms when wearing dresses with string straps, throwing a button up over the dress and tying it at the waist is a super cute and fun way to get away with wearing the cute strappy dress but without you needing to feel super self-conscious. This style is also very flattering on all body types. Since it's tied at your waist, it cuts your torso off so that it will give off the illusion of an hourglass figure and let's be honest, who doesn't want an hourglass figure? Goodness knows I would love one. Anyway! This is also great because during this past summer, there was a trend in stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Modcloth, and Ruche where they would sell already tied button-ups. Meaning that these button-ups were like normal button-ups only instead of having buttons at the end, there was an already tied knot in place. And with the crop top also making a huge comeback this year, a lot of these tied button-ups were already cut off at the waist. 

3. With a statement necklace
This one is simple. Wear a plain button-up (although the picture I'm using, it's a blouse with the buttons on the back...) and grab a statement necklace and string it under the collar. In this case, I'm wearing a Peter Pan collar top with an owl necklace. The only real advice I have for this method is to make sure that your necklace can fit properly under and around the collar. With the necklace I was wearing, it just barely fit under and around the collar. For comfort, a longer necklace is definitely better. And, it's just my preference, but I would suggest wear plain coloured button-ups and a statement necklace as opposed to a patterned button-up and a statement necklace. The combination of the necklace and patterned button-up will come off as too cluttered and too thrown together. While I've seen some fashion bloggers pull this off, I have to be hones that not everyone is able to do that. 

4. Under a sweater
This one is a definite must for the colder months of the year. Layering a button up under a sweater so that only the collar is on top is just so fashionable and hip and trendy to me. There's a bit of a quirky/preppy feeling to this particular way but it looks so good. And as someone who HATES to wear pants, I felt totally cute and fun in the above photo and a lot of that is contributed to the comfort of the button-up layered under my Mickey Mouse sweater. For this, you just need to make sure that your button-up isn't super thick and is more in the fitted department because that kind of button-up will work with looser and tighter sweaters. Personally, I think this style looks good with thinner fabric button-ups and tighter sweaters. Occasionally, I will wear a looser sweater on top, but that is usually reserved for my lazier days. Anyway, a fun thing for this way is that you can wear fairly plain sweaters and then patterned button-ups. The patterned collars popping up over the sweater's collar will be a fun little pop of quirk. 

5. Under a dress
And lastly, wearing a button-up under a dress! I usually reserve this way for dresses that are more low-cut in the bust than I'd like them to be. It also comes in handy for transitioning summer-style dresses into the colder months so that you're able to get more wear out of your favorite pieces. While this method tends to lend itself towards more twee/childish styles, I still think it's cute and to be honest, as someone who is below 5'0", this style works best on my body type. I just had to get that out there because I've noticed a lot of fashion bloggers (who are of similar height only more waif-ish) get a lot of internet hate for wearing styles like this. Anyways, this style is very cute and is quite a timeless style. 

Outfit | Summer Florals

It's been a long while. Again. I really didn't mean to have such a huge gap in between my summer posts, but with school starting up again, hopefully this means that my posts will become a regular thing again. I'm planning on trying to change my hours at work so that I can work full-time rather than part-time. I need that moolah yo. But as a small welcome back, here's a small outfit post. 
Outfit Details: Top (H&M) | Cami & Floral Linen Shorts (Forever 21) | Sandals (Target) | Sunnies (Modcloth)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Inspiration | Tokyo Fashion

Japanese street style is incredibly interesting to me. There are so many different sub-styles that make up Japanese street style and each one is just so cool and unique. A couple months ago, I started following the tumblr for Tokyo-Fashion (which is linked to below after the pictures) and oh man, my dash became filled up with people who roamed the streets of Tokyo in flawfree fashion. While there are some trends that I won't ever get into (platform converse, corsets over shirts), there are others that I would totally immerse myself in, if I could afford to that is. Compared to the street styles of Stockholm, Paris, and London, there is something completely unique and animated about the street style throughout Tokyo. Every picture here presents a different sub-style and does so with ease. While I do like the street styles of Stockholm, Paris, and London, there is something to be said about Tokyo street style and how cool it is. And like I said before, there is something animated. For example, the girl pictured below this paragraph looks like a real life Misa (from Death Note). I just think it's so cool and stylish and so awesome.  
Photo Credit to: Tokyo-Fashion

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Outfit | A Long Time Coming

So it has been a very LOOOONG while since my last proper outfit post. Even then, this isn't really a proper outfit post since the photo-taking is slightly different from what I'd do. This was another "photoshoot" taken by my friend Pahoua as practice for her. It was overcast so I can definitely understand why she wanted to practice photo-taking. But anyways! Some things (positive things!) have happened since my last post here. For one thing, I got my first retail job at a cool consignment store which has been a learning experience since I've only ever worked in an office environment and a house environment (housesitting, nannying, babysitting) but it's been very good. I really enjoy working there and the people I work with. What else...Hm, I've spent about a month and a half with my boyfriend, as in, we've basically been living together and you know what? It's been swell. Usually, after a certain amount of time, I want to be alone and away from people, even my close friends, but it's not like that with him. If anything, I just miss him a lot when we're away from eachother and thankfully, that is a mutual feeling between the two of us. 

Oh! I was also in a minor car accident a week or two ago. It was my first proper accident where I was by myself. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but my car certainly took the brunt of the damage. I've also never been in an accident by myself, so of course, after the other people worried over me and I convinced them I was okay, I texted my dad. During that text conversation, he neglected to tell me that I should have called triple A 72 hours after it happened. He said it's common sense to do so, except, I'm not saying this to say anything like "Oh I'm a special snowflake, twee and magic!", but I'm anything but a common person and I've had no sort of teaching about what to do in the event of a car accident. I did get the other people's number, but the accident was my fault so eh. You learn and move on.

And a last thing? I'm officially twenty two! Usually, my birthdays are sort of fun but always with a huge bit of me being annoyed by my family (my mom and my dad are usually the sources of that annoyance and anger), but this year, I spent my birthday with Court (although we did eat dinner with my cool aunty). The night before my birthday, I spent it with Court and some mutual friends of ours and it was great. They wished me a happy birthday at midnight and we drank and laughed and it was so fun. It was definitely the best birthday I've had in the past 4-6 years. And Court also got me really cute and fun gifts, which you can see here. On that note, I was also able to get Court into Sailor Moon (he loves the classic anime, as he should) and we've also started watching Evangelion. So basically, it's been pretty grand. Downside? Summer's ending and my last (hopefully) semester at CRC starts on August 25th. I'm hoping that since I'll be busy with school and then work on the weekends (my class schedule doesn't really allow me to work Mon-Thurs), that I'll be prompted to not procrastinate and actually get shit done. Here's to hoping!
Outfit Details: T-Shirt (Threadless) | Coral High Waist Skirt (Forever 21) | Brown Waist Belt (Thrifted) | Yellow Tights & Shoes (Target)

Editing/Model: Me


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