Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outfit | Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! It's been a while! Again! I've been at home all Spring Break desperately trying to get school work done. It's been unsuccessful unfortunately, but life is great and I'm happy. I recently found out that my boyfriend while in Los Angeles for an improv festival, told his parents about me. That makes me so incredibly happy. I can't wait to introduce him to my family because I know that they'll love him and think he's cute and nice and all of those good things. Anyway, Easter is set at my family's house this year and despite the stress that comes with cleaning the house and making sure we have enough paper plates and cups and drinks for everyone, it's always fun. And! I was so excited to wear this outfit because I had planned it around two weeks ago. I won't be in the heels unfortunately since we'll be inside most of the day but when we venture outside, I'll probably don some flat sandals or something. 
Outfit Details: Hat (Forever 21) | Floral Dress & Peter Pan Collar Shirt (Thrifted) | Rocket Dog Sandals (Gift)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outfit | Break Pause

It is my spring break and it started off with me spending quite a long weekend with my boyfriend which is always a welcome activity. At my boyfriend's school, there was this thing called "Picnic Day" which was essentially just a bunch of people getting day drunk and then taking a small break in the afternoon before committing to becoming just drunk. I will not say whether or not I participated in this, but I will say that I was drunk at least twice this weekend. Also, despite this being a break, I still have class work to do. I understand that teachers and professors need to assign a certain amount of homework in order to fill some sort of quota but damn, homework during spring break? Who's brilliant idea was that? It's just cruel. For example, when I got home today from my boyfriend's, I tried to start working on my film seminar term paper, but did that happen? Nope. I sat down with all of my things and ended up catching up on "Elementary" and "GRIMM". Speaking of shows, I can't wait for my boyfriend to finish season 1 of Hannibal so that I can start watching season 2. It's hard to navigate tumblr when almost everyone I follow is a Hannibal fan.
Outfit Details: Striped Shirt & Shorts (Forever 21) | Sunnies (Claires or ModCloth) | Lace Shoes (Target)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review | theBalm It's in the Clutch Lip and Cheek Stain

Product: theBalm It's In the Clutch Lip and Cheek Stain
Cost: $8.50 on Hautelook | Normally $16.99
Link: Order from ModCloth
Review: I'm not the hugest fan of theBalm. I love their blushes and their nail polishes, but I hadn't tried their cheek and lip stain. I never would have bought this at full price if not for the theBalm sale on Hautelook. It was marked down and so I figured, why not? When it arrived in the mail, I immediately wiped off my matte Revlon balm stain and applied Stainiac to my lips. I applied the way I normally would with a product that has an applicator like so but the product itself didn't apply how I assumed it would. The Stainiac has an almost gel-like texture that goes on liquid and it feels really nice. The only problem is that when applied to the lips, it dries in patches and so, you have to wait for the stain to settle before going back in and retouching any spots not covered. I've heard rumors of the Stainiac having a cranberry smell and taste. My Stainiac came with absolutely no smell but when some of it did get in my mouth, it tasted bitter and metallic. It also dried my lips out the more I used it. When I was able to get the colour onto my lips in one consistent shade, I quite liked the colour. It's a nice rosey, natural tint, although, I had hoped that the colour would be more of a pop. The subtle hint of colour is nice though. As a cheek stain, I found it easy to blend and it did lend a very nice little pop of colour. At the end of testing this product out, I decided that I won't be purchasing another one. Especially at $16.99 not including s/h? Yeah, no thanks. Below, I've included swatches of the stain on my wrist, my lips, and my cheeks.
Rating: 3/5

Outfit | Bikini Weather

I was never one for wearing bikinis growing up. In fact, if I didn't absolutely have to swim, I didn't. This was in part because I was incredibly self conscious of my stomach fat, I mean, I still am, very much, but less so than when I was younger. Because of that, I always wore a one piece. It wasn't until a two or three years ago that I got comfortable enough to swim with friends (I usually only swam alone or with family) and then I slowly worked my courage up to buy a bikini with a high waisted bottom 'cause I'm classy like that. But even then, the bikini just sat unused in a drawer in my closet for months before I finally took it out for a day at Folsom Lake with some friends. I felt incredibly awkward and so ugly in it despite the compliments I was getting from friends and strangers. I still felt like the fat asian girl. I don't feel like that so much now. As I've said before, I'm quite at peace with my body and my fat. If someone else doesn't like it, then I don't care. Despite that, it will take a bit of courage for me to wear this 'ol ModCloth bikini out with friends. I'll just keep in mind that a bikini ready body is any body really, so long as you're comfortable and feel happy with yourself. I bring it up because it is getting too hot in the valley and this means that I'll most likely be using my pool in the afternoons after class. I mean, if you have a pool, you might as well use it right?
Outfit Details: White Tee & Black Shorts (Thrifted) | Polka Dot Bikini Top & Sunnies (ModCloth) | Red Flats & Black Purse (Forever 21)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Outfit | Cloudy Days

I still get nervous wearing things like over the knee socks and thigh highs. I have rather fat thighs so the socks tend to roll up and down my legs and it's so annoying. But also, I love how socks look on me legs. It's an odd situation. I still like to wear them but I always do so with trepidation. Anyways! It's been quite a bit cold and lovely here. You probably can't tell since I'm not as bundled up as everyone else is but not everyone loves cold weather as much as I do. This is all being awesome. My spring break is two weeks and I'm so excited to sleep in and to relax. Lately it seems like I've been doing a lot, which is perfectly fine because I do like being able to get out of the house and stuff, but sometimes, I just want to curl up with a good book and a movie or tv show playing in the background. Also, a nice bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese. Oh I'm hungry.
Outfit Details: Grey Zip-Up & Cream Long Sleeve Top (Thrifted) | Grey Knit Beanie (H&M) | Black Shorts (Forever 21) | Black Sheer Tights (Panther Tights) | Black Thigh-Highs (eBay) | Nike Jordans (Gift)

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