Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Outfit | No one belongs here more than you

While I was driving home from class today, I had the strongest urge to reread some stories from Miranda July's collection of short stories No One Belongs Here More Than You. Back when "Me and You and Everyone We Know" was first released, I remember stumbling across it on a blog I followed and being intrigued by the plot. I ended up watching it with a school friend of mine when it was showing at the Tower Theatre downtown and from there, my love for Miranda July grew. Miranda is kind of what I aspire to be as a writer. She attempted the school thing (she attended UC Santa Cruz) but then dropped out her sophomore to pursue her interest in performance art and I just...replace the performance art with writing and YouTubing and that's how I've felt the past couple of semesters. July just has this way of capturing how I feel and stating it so much more eloquently than I could ever hope. The stories in this collection are so incredibly intimate and raw that when I first read this book back in 2008, I felt awkward (moreso than usual) and well, emotional. All of the stories are sort of stream of consciousness and are little peaks into the otherwise mundane lives of people and their relationships within their lives. Although, rereading through some of the stories today, the writer in me noticed that July has a tendency to be overly quirky and that takes away a huge chunk of the substance from her stories. Despite this, I still found myself liking the stories I reread today and still identifying with what July's characters associated with love and happiness. One thing I for sure wasn't a fan of, was July's 2011 film "The Future" though. I found that to be way too twee and quirky. Even for me. Anyway, my favourite story is probably the first one, "The Shared Patio". My favourite line from that story is about height differences: "One reason Helena and I would never be close friends is that I am about half as tall as she. People tend to stick to their own size group because it's easier on the neck. Unless they are romantically involved, in which case the size difference is sexy. It means: I am willing to go the difference for you." I just find that line so funny and brilliant especially considering that majority of my friends are at least two heads taller than me. I only have two other friends who are the same height as me. The story itself is sweet and awkward and funny. I'll probably be rereading this collection for the rest of the week. It's got a weird calming effect on me.
Outfit Details: Tan Peacoat (Thrifted) | Black High Waist Polka Dot Skirt, Black Ankle Booties, and Bow Waist Belt (Forever 21) | Cream Cardigan (Gift) | Wine Red Tights (Target) | Black Dress [used as a top] (H&M) | Brown Scalloped Scarf (Gift)

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