Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inspiration | Rebecca Stice of The Clothes Horse

I felt it was finally time to do an inspiration post about one of my favourite bloggers and style obsession: Rebecca Stice of The Clothes Horse! I mentioned her in my Top 5 Style Bloggers post but I thought she deserved an inspiration post. Anyway, I found her blog late 2012 and automatically fell in love with Rebecca's romantic and practical style as well as her gorgeous photos. I quickly found myself picking more romantic feminine shapes whenever I went shopping and paying closer attention to smaller details to pull an outfit together. On top of that, Rebecca's a wonderful and eloquent writer which really shows in how well put her commentary is on her editorial and style crush posts. Where I'm scatterbrained in what I write about in my outfit posts, she does a really good job of focusing on one topic and really relating it to her outfit post. Have I mentioned how well done her photos are? Because they are really quite beautiful. Especially the shots she posts along with every outfit post. When it was snowing in her city/town, the photos from those particular weeks were really beautiful. She's even started a weekly post series about photography (Photo Tip Tuesday) since she was getting so many comments about her methods. I must admit that one huge factor that helped me decide in whether or not to start following her blog was her photography. It added a lot to her already fantastical style. I think I referred to her style as controlled whimsy since she tends to dress in theatrical patterns, colours, and shapes but she tones it down for her lifestyle of forest walks and cold winter nights. She and her blog have inspired me to branch out, stylistically, from simple A-line cuts to bodycon to full circle skirts to bright colours. If anyone wanted to know where I get a lot of my fashion and style inspiration from, all they'd have to do is look at Rebecca's blog and know that I'm heavily inspired by her. And she's so nice! She replies to as many comments on her blog and her instagram as she can (she's replied to so many of my comments over the past year, eeep!) and she's just such a wonderful human. I highly encourage following her blog. Or at least checking it out. 
(How cute is that picture of her and her boyfriend, Thomas?! Aaaah, so cute! Here's the original post!)

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