Thursday, February 20, 2014

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I started out taking photos outside but it was really windy and my allergies started acting up and I couldn't handle being outside much longer so after I returned to the protection of my house and had some medicine, I decided I could do a mini room tour of sorts. Although, my room was quite a mess when I started and so, not a lot of my room is documented but the huge bits are. I spend A LOT of time at home. I'm either in my bedroom doing homework (and crying at it), reading, writing, blogging, doing yoga, eating, and/or sleeping. I regularly fall asleep on our living room sofa in front of the TV much to the annoyance of my family. I tend to fall asleep with the TV on but thankfully my dad always seems to know when I'm asleep because he always shows up and turns off the TV for me. But anyway, yeah, I'm a bit of an indoors-stay-at-home kind of girl. I DO leave my house to hang out with my friends but mostly I stay at home. It works out because I save money and I save gas. Plus, with a Netflix Streaming at my fingertips and countless movie and TV show downloads, I rarely ever need to leave my house except for class and the occasional human contact. Staying at home so often does make me miss friends and hanging out and all that, but I take pleasure in the comfortable silence of being by myself. This is in no way to say that I'm lonely. Because there is a difference between being alone and being lonely. I don't like being lonely and when I feel like that, I will reach out and see if anyone wants to hang out. I do, however, enjoy being alone. Anyways, moving on from that, in today's post, I show you glimpses of my favourite plush toys, my closet, my bed side table, the corner where my bed is tucked into, and where I like to sit and blog when my bed begins to feel boring. Someday I'll do a full room tour, but I think until I move, that'll have to wait.
Outfit Details: Striped Knit Sweater (Forever 21) | Lace Cream Dress, White Loafers, & Tan Peacoat (Thrifted) | Patterned Tights (HUE)

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