Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Outfit | Glaring Bright

Hey all! So recently, I made a post about self-confidence and loving yourself and surprisingly it was well-received. I'm a very anxious and self-conscious person so I was worried that maybe I had gotten too personal and maybe readers would assume that I was comment fishing or whatever, so I'm happy to know that the opposite has happened. Many friends called me or texted me saying that it moved them to tears and some couldn't believe that I had gone through that and that I was still going through that up until last year. Anyway, I bring that up not because I want to shove my self-confidence into your faces, but because it is something that I'm proud of and something that was really at the forefront of my mind all weekend, particularly Sunday. Sunday was a downward spiral of self-hate and sadness and just general badness. It was difficult to remind myself of why I shouldn't hate myself but then, thinking about the situation afterwards, I realized that it's necessary to hate yourself sometimes and that it's okay. Hating yourself happens and if anything, it just makes those moments where you're incredibly satisfied and content with yourself even better. So yeah, I have no idea how I was able to turn that almost tearful moment up, but I did it!
Outfit Details: Cream Cardigan (Gift) | Green Blouse, Black Waist Belt, & Black Oxfords (Thrifted) | Sunnies & Polka Dot Skirt (Forever 21) | Lavender Tights (Target)

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