Thursday, January 30, 2014

Outfit | Keep Yourself Warm

I left school early because it started raining and I started sniffling. I didn't have my umbrella with me and didn't have any way of protecting my head from the rain and I definitely didn't want to get sick, so I asked a friend to take notes for me for our literature class and went home. Home to take photos in the rain and then hole up in my room for some much needed reading and putting away of laundry. I had to venture out again to go to a night class that meets once a week so that was not fun. I'm not a huge fan of driving in the rain at night because there seem to be so many more crazy drivers on the freeway and on the streets. It's incredibly weird. Plus the class is three hours...but I like my professor, she's cool and she's a feminist also she majored in all of the things I'm majoring in so, I quite like it. And the class is quite small so I kind of enjoy that. Also, I trimmed my bangs again...but they're still uneven and now they're too short, so I'm waiting for them to grow a bit more before I go to a salon and get it properly done. For now though, I quite like that I look like one of those girls in a Korean drama or, in the words of my awesome father, a mushroom.
Outfit Details: Purple Peacoat (Love Culture) | Striped Lace Peter Pan Collar Shirt & Tights (Forever 21) | Navy Blue Pinnafore & White Loafers (Thrifted) | Rings (Gifts)

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