Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outfit | Bows and Arrows

Ah, the semester has started for me and I'm actually feeling rather lighthearted about everything. I didn't post on here for something around a week and half or two because I was just so busy and too poor at scheduling times so no outfits were photographed so if you saw me anytime between my last post and now, you might be seeing some outfit repeats. Oop. Anyway, I am so happy. It's kind of scary how happy I am because every second that goes by, I'm scared that I'll do something and completely wreck it. I also don't remember being quite this happy for such a continuous amount of time which must say something about me..I'm not sure what it is just yet, but I'm sure I'll probably think of it when I fall asleep. I just hope that this streak of happiness lasts and from the way things look, it could possibly last for a long while and I am totally okay with that. To add to that, I'm only at school three days of the week. This means all the yays!
Outfit Details: Cream Cardigan (Gift) | Denim Dress (Thrifted) | Bow Waist Belt, Coral Flats, Floral Tights (Forever 21) | Arrow Ring (Gift)

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