Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outfit | Striped Leopard

Who's almost finished with her semester? This chick *points to self!*. I'm so incredibly excited for sleepless nights and lazy days...that is, unless I find a job. Then I'll be looking forward to working, getting paid, sleepless nights, and crazy days. Either way, I'm excited. This summer I'm going to VidCon again and I just cannot be more excited. Then, near the end of summer, I'm going to SacAnime with a friend of mine. I still have time to decide whether or not to cosplay...I'm leaning towards not cosplaying since I don't have the resources to put into cosplaying. If I did, I'd totally be working on another femme!Eleventh Doctor look and maybe another character from Doctor Who. Ah well. One thing I am not looking forward to though is the heat. It gets incredibly hot here in Sacramento/Elk Grove during the summer and I'm just not in love with the heat. I love weather like today. Sunny, cold, and slightly windy. It gives me the sun I need as well as the cold wind that I adore. Someday, when I'm older and financially stable, I'm going to move somewhere where the summers are in the 70-80 degree zone and the winters are white wonderlands, without it getting too dangerous of course. Until then, I'll just keep dreaming of the perfect home.

Outfit Details: Leopard Dress (Marshall's) | Lace Peter Pan Collar Striped Top (Forever 21) | Brown Waist Belt (Forever 21) | Leather Hooded Jacket (Asian boutique) | Black Flats (thrifted)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Outfit | Polk-a Stripes

The semester is nearly over! I took my Film History final today and got my term paper back and I got an A! I was really surprised considering I didn't really understand the ideologies of my film, but my professor said I did fine. Then he recommended that I take his Hitchcock seminar next spring and I just about died because eeks! My film professor DOES like me. I have this thing where I want to be friends with my professors but I get too awkward so I'd love for them to at least like me and woot, my film professor likes me. I only have two more days and two more finals. I'm not too concerned about my Geology final since I've been studying the material on and off since Friday and I'm not worried about my Shakespeare and Film English Lit. class because I do fairly well even when I haven't read the material. Gah! I can't wait for this semester to be over. I'm so ready for sleeping in all the time and late nights with no worries about homework.

Outfit Details: Pinstriped short sleeve top (thrifted) | Coral polka dot high waist skirt (Forever 21) | Brown flats (ModCloth)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outfit | Purple Relaxation

It's been a while since my last post. I've been so caught up in school and haven't been able to take photos. It's also been incredibly hot and I'm still trying to get the feel of winter out of my bones, but it's difficult. Ugh. Why can't it just be cold and windy? On a positive note, it's supposed to rain tomorrow which is nice. I'm also almost done with the semester. I have my finals next week and I'm excited to be done for the semester. I always get completely drained during this time of the spring semester. I think it's because the end of the semester is SO close but there is just so much work to get through. I just finished writing two ten page papers and now I've just got to study for my Film History, Shakespeare and Film, and Geology finals. I'm feeling fairly positive about them. At the least, I'll get a C in two of my classes and a B in one. Hopefully,  my papers were well-written and researched enough that those will help keep my grades up *fingers crossed*

Outift Details: Purple Flower Pattern Dress (Lace Affair) | Black Shirt Cardigan (thrifted) | Sandals (Target)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Inspiration | Lovely Inspiration

In Powder and Crinoline : old fairy tales retold. By Arthur Quiller-Couch; illustrated by Kay Nielsen

When I'm in a rut, like now with finals, I tend to look at illustrations, photos, and art that makes me feel less stressed and inspires me to dress up in certain ways. I've always found that there is a lot of fun to be had in receiving style inspiration from drawings especially ones as fantastical as the image above and the images below. When I attempt to, it makes me feel like some mortal that's crossed in the Faery Realm and is attempting to be as elegant and ethereal as those of the Fae courts or like some modern girl that's time-travelled back or forward to whatever time period and is trying to blend in. Of course, I gain just as much inspiration from photography and fashion photography. Either way, it's fun.These are some of my favourite images that I find myself looking back on. All sources are there, if there is no source, I got it from Tumblr.

Lucy Liu photographed for the September 2012 issue of More Magazine

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Outfit | Green Blossoms

It's been a while since my last post here. I've been so busy with school work and birthdays that I wasn't able to take photos of my outfits the past week. This is from Monday, so that's five days ago. It was sunny and windy and I loved it so much. The weather sort of reminded me of San Francisco/Bay Area weather which is one of my favourites here in California. It was also nice and cloudy which again, I loved. I'm not a fan of the California heat so I love any sort cold weather to break the heat. When I was younger, I remember loving the heat but something changed when I was in middle school and I realized that there was something so much more comforting and relaxing about autumn/winter weather. The only good things about summer? A few months break from school, VidCon/other conventions, and my birthday. Other than that, I hate summer. My wardrobe is way too unprepared for the summer heat.

Outfit Details: High waist skirt (ViVis) | Green Top (thrifted) | Black waist belt (thrifted) | Yellow tights (Target) | Black tip brown oxfords (Forever 21)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outfit | Grey Spring

Last night it rained and I was so ridiculously overjoyed at the pouring of water. I got up this morning and it was all nice and chilly. Of course, by the time I left for class, it was slightly hotter than I wanted it to be. I love the autumn/winter months, I'm not sure if you can tell. I recently bought this jacket a few weeks ago despite the fact that it's been far too hot to wear a sweater, let alone a jacket. Normally, I dress kind of twee, but occasionally, when I'm lazy, I dress more casual, more teenager-like, as if I'm about to go on some indie adventure that plays to an indie playlist. I wish. At least in indie films, everything is predictable and has closure. Unfortunately, real life doesn't really have any of that.

Outfit Details: Hooded Jacket (thrifted) | Black V-Neck Sweater (Express) | Polka Dot Mini Skirt (Forever 21) | Black Tights (Target) | White Converse (gifted) | Pink/Coral beanie (H&M)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Outfit | Bruised But Still Smiling

It's nearing the end of the semester and despite how happy I look, I am freaking out internally. I have one cumulative exam that I am intensely worried about because I passed 2/3 exams this semester so I mean, I can't do any worse than a C on my final right? Right...I have two term papers, one of which I am almost done with except I am lost on the final part and since I missed class today because of a family emergency, I missed out on the paper extension AND my professor giving out answers to people's questions about the paper. Awesome. And my English Lit. term paper? I haven't even started, let alone decided on a topic and it's due like next Monday and my professor hasn't even emailed me back. I am freaking out and I already had to drop a math class because I couldn't keep up. If this continues, I am stuck here in community college hell for another year. Ugh. I need to get back to how I was in high school...Me rejecting all the UCs, CSUs, and private schools was definitely a good decision not only because I'm saving my father and myself from debt but I'm also making sure that I get my general education out of the way. Luckily, dressing the way I do helps to lift my spirits. There's something about putting on clothes that just makes me feel incredibly happy and content. Like, I know that despite my shortcomings now, that later down the road, I'll be able to do better. That I don't have to be perfect and acing everything right now. Everyone is so concerned with getting out of here, even myself, but really, you don't HAVE to get out just this second. Everyone should move at their own pace, even if it means staying a little/a lot longer than you had planned to. I'd rather go at things at a slower pace than drive myself mad and hating myself for not being as intelligent and diligent as I was in high school.

Outfit Details: Heel Print Purple Blouse (H&M) | Black Skirt (Forever 21) | Blue Cardigan (ViVis) | Purple tights (Target) | Black Oxfords (Thrifted)

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