Monday, September 2, 2013

Life | Sacanime Summer 2013

Sacanime Summer 2013 was this past weekend and it was quite interesting. It was one of the first times that I cosplayed more than once and one of the few times that I didn't spend exorbitant amounts of money on pointless toys and gadgets. I did get to drink for the first time at a fancy bar and I did get called cute quite a few times. That picture up there is of my friend Maritza and I cosplaying as Satski and Mei from "My Neighbor, Totoro". This is from Friday and I'm cosplaying as Mei, the younger sister. It was sad to see how little people knew who we were. There were people with Totoro backpacks and hats who didn't even recognize who we were. I think only a handful of people recognized us. So sad. And here I thought everyone watched the classics.

We found some cosplayers from "Howl's Moving Castle" and asked for a picture with them.



Mei and mini!Totoro selfie.

Sisters selfie because why not?

I have seen and taken pictures with this Doctor cosplayer like four times! I absolutely adore this guy. He's always so nice and always in character.


Attack on Titan cosplayers!

EDIT: He was cosplaying as a hipster Sherlock Dx I didn't even catch on...oh gosh.

Also, if you couldn't guess, I'm cosplaying as Kiki from "Kiki's Delivery Service". Also, my bow is not big enough.

The "Hannibal" Wendigo and I. I was both mystified and terrified. 

A Master cosplayer and I. He is the first Master cosplayer I have seen at any of the cons here in Sacramento so it was really cool to meet him. Shame I didn't speak with him longer. I'm always so awkward at these kind of things, I mean look at my awkward as hell posture.


FRIENDSHIP while waiting for the Sumi Shimamoto panel to start.

Sumi Shimamoto and I. Her Q&A panel was entertaining and she is such a veteran voice actor :)



An adorable Mami cosplayer!

Aaaaaand, we left Sacanime and headed to the mall where I proceeded to make a beeline for Forever21 since there is a crazy sale going on.

A simple dress with a ruffle hem, absolutely adorable and so comfy. I ended up buying this one since it went from $30 to $9.21.

I wanted this dress SO BADLY but it was way out of my price range since I had spent a lot of my money on gas and drinking at the Sheraton so it had to be put back on the rack *cue sad face*

I did end up buying this for $10.38. It's Homura's soul gem from "Madoka Magica" and she's my favourite so I HAD to get it plus the seller dropped the price down from $15. What a deal! I love me some thrifty deals.

All in all, Sacanime was fun and interesting. I'll have two videos from it up on my YouTube page that will have links back to this post in case anyone wanted to see more than pictures. The convention was still stinky as hell though. Do cosplayers and con-goers (excluding my friends and I because we saw eachother applying loads of deodorant and perfume before leaving for the con) just not know how to use deodorant and perfume/cologne? 

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