Thursday, September 26, 2013

Outfit | Raspberry Tops

Since my hair has grown into this medium length mess, I've had days where I really dislike my hair and days where I'm just barely tolerating it. Luckily that will change because on Thursday (or today since I'm posting it Thursday morning), I will be cutting my hair into a Carey Mulligan-inspired pixie. Originally, I was going to go with an Emily Browning-inspired pixie but I didn't like the look of the bangs so Carey Mulligan was my second choice. I'm so excited (as mentioned in the past few posts) to have super short hair again. People used to tell me I couldn't do it because I have a round face and you know what? That's stupid. I don't care. I'm going to chop my locks off and enjoy having a light head and having to not worry too much about hair styling. Besides, whenever I did get a pixie or anything a tad longer, people complimented me so whatever to those people who said my full face would look awful with a pixie. Pixies may be thought of in regards to waif-ish, fae-like girls with pale skin and angular features but those kind of girls aren't the only ones allowed to have the pixie. I've seen plenty of women in all shapes and sizes with pixies and each and every single one of them has rocked that style and looked amazing. So there. Rant over. 
Outfit Details: Grey High Waist Skirt (ViVis) | Purple Cardigan (ViVis) | Blouse (Thrifted) | Black Waist Belt (Thrifted) | Ring (Gift) | Creme Circle Pattern Tights (Target) | Black Flats (Forever 21)

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