Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outfit | Rainy Freedom

I love rain and rainy weather. I love cold and windy days. We had rain for the first time in weeks and it was proper rainy weather. There were thunder claps, cold breezes, and of course, rain. I loved it. I love getting all bundled up in tights and coats and sweaters and beanies. I didn't get as bundled up as I usually do since it wasn't TOO cold, but I did regret it when halfway through taking these photos, it started raining really hard. In the photos of me without my coat, it started out with light sprinkling and then it began to rain really hard so...uh, that was fun. I ended up dancing in the rain after I finished taking photos and didn't want to risk getting my camera any wetter than it was already. There's just something so fun and so mysterious about rain. I love it so much. I hope I don't get sick though. I DID dance in the rain for like ten minutes after....Oh man, I really hope I don't get sick.
(this is the moment when it started raining REALLY hard...yep. Good job face.)
Outfit Details: Blue Ribbed Tights (Target) | Black boots (Payless) | Navy Peter Pan Collar Dress (Ebay) | Black Waist Belt (Thrifted) | Purple Peacoat (gift) | Grey Beanie (gift)

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