Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life | VidCon 2013


This past weekend I went to VidCon in Anaheim. My friend and I drove down to Southern California during Industry Day (Thursday). VidCon is a YouTube conference that was started four years ago by the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green. I went last year and absolutely loved it so of course, I went this year because I had made so many friends last year and the year waiting for this past year's VidCon. It spans four days with the last day taking place in Disneyland. As much fun as I had at this one, there were something around 13,000-14,000 people attending this year, majority of which were incredibly young and VERY loud and rude teenage girls. Now, I have no problems with fangirls, I'm one of them, but I do have many problems with fangirls who are rude, scream every two seconds ignoring where they are, and who have no problem with blatantly following their favourite vlogger into their hotel and even going so far as to trying to follow them to their hotel room.  That wasn't a problem last year and I believe it has to do with the fact that the Green brothers expanded the number so that more people could come, which is great of them and all but I think there should be some rules and things in the Agreement thing we have to accept when we buy tickets. I also think there should be an age limit for attendees like no one above the age of 18 should be allowed. I say this not to be ageist but because I noticed A LOT more parents and kids than last year and people I know who went previous years have agreed. I'm just complaining and I understand I may make a lot of people unhappy with what I said and you know what? I don't care. I don't think this is a thing for a bunch of underage kids to go to. Especially when the huge majority are rude. If you can't take the time to be courteous to fellow fans and other vloggers, then fuck right off. 

Moving on from that sour note, here are some pictures and some lame outfit pictures from my trip.

Wes Aderhold and Julia Cho (Wickham and Charlotte from "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries")

Tyler Oakley with Jack and Finn (JacksGap)

Jon Cozart aka Paint

Outfit Details: Navy Jumper (thrifted) | Striped T-shirt (thrifted) | Blue tights (Target) | Black oxfords (thrifted) | Black waist belt (thrifted) | Teddy Bear ears ring (Forever 21)

(Although if I'm being perfectly honest, I'm cheering for Sansa, Dany, and Margaery)

I think I look really cute in both pictures with TomSka hahaha.

Steam Powered Giraffe. HELLS YES.

Allison Paige (Gigi Darcy in "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" and "Welcome to Sanditon") and I. She's too gorgeous and pretty, I can't even.

Kyle Walters (Ed Denham in "Welcome to Sanditon") and I. He's adorable, right!?

Joel Bryant (Mayor Tom Parker in "Welcome to Sanditon") and I. Joel Bryant is just, too amazing for words. He accepted my business card and we talked about ukulele and singing (which his wife does) and he was just such a cool and chill guy. Definitely one of my highlights from this meet-up.

Jason Munday and I. I couldn't find my friend to take a picture so he offered a selfie. I think next year, I'll just take selfies with everyone.

Kina Grannis! She's so pretty and adorable and talented and she called me cute! AAAAAAAH!

Jon Cozart and I. He was an absolute doll and his shirt was adorable. 

Mary Kate Wiles (Lydia Bennet in "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries") and I. She said she loved my hair colour. I may or may not have internally flailed.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Maxwell Glick (Ricky Collins in "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries") and I. He is my absolute favourite and I was so terrified that I had already missed him but then there he was, in front of my friends and I. He is so nice and so talented. Everyone should go to his youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE. No seriously, he's hilarious, dorky, has amazing taste in music, is adorable, and has a wonderful singing voice. 

Tom "Fae King" Milsom and I. He seriously reminds me of someone who'd be in the Fae as like some sort of prince or king. And he's SO tall!

Taken outside of King's Road Cafe in LA.

Outfit Details: Peter Pan collar floral top (thrifted) | Denim shorts (Forever 21) | Polka dot nude tights (Target) | Coral flats (Forever 21) | White Sunnies (Subblime) | [not pictured] Red cardigan (thrifted)

I almost bought this skirt but I can't justify spending $70 on a tutu. Plus, if something is more expensive than ModCloth (It's $60 on the site), there's a problem there. 

And lastly, a shot my aunt took of me during our lunch at King's Road Cafe. 

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