Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outfit | Poppy Collars

It's been a while! This one's from a few days ago, before school started. I've been internet deprived since my laptop died. I was able to get gifted a 13 inch Macbook Pro thanks to my grandma and my aunty's boyfriend having a huge discount since he works as part of the Apple corporate team. I'm getting used to using it but so far, I love my Macbook. It's slimmer than my old HP laptop was and it is way easier in general to do anything. 

Outfit Details: Grey Rose Dress (Thrifted) | Floral Peter Pan Collar (Thrifted) | Red/Coral Flats (Forever 21) | Twist Ring (Claire's) | Studded Clutch (Target) | Sunnies (Thrifted)

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