Friday, August 30, 2013

Outfit | Blue Checks

These blue flats are perfect summer/spring flats. I love them though they are a bit of a bigger 6, they're still delightful and adorable. It's been such a long time since I've been able to take photos for this blog that I had an awkward time finding that rhythm that I used to have a few weeks ago. I ended up finding it towards the end, but it bothered me that it took me even that long. Thankfully, I don't plan on taking any breaks again anytime soon. Anyways, despite being in college, I have a sort of formula for what I wear to classes. It usually includes a dress/skirt, a cute top, a cardigan (for those cold classes), and cute flats/shoes. This is one of my more basic formulaic outfits, but I favour it because the skirt has a cute pattern, the colour scheme (blue, black, grey, and white) is probably one of my favourites next to red, black, grey, and white, the top is simple but has it's own little unique touches, and the flats just add to the eye-catching colour. The shades of blue I wore today include turquoise, ocean blue, mint blue, and then bright blue. Later in the evening, when it did get a bit nippy, I wore a navy cardigan. People say it's restricting to dress within a colour pattern, but I love it. I think it's fun and it's an interesting way to find how different colours work with eachother.

Outfit Details: Lace collar top (YesStyle) | High waist checkered skirt (H&M) | Black belt (Thrifted) | Mint sunnies (ModCloth) | Rings (Forever 21) | Blue flats (H&M) | Studded Satchel (Ross) | Buttons (VidCon, gifted, and convention)

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