Friday, August 16, 2013

Outfit | 21

So I turned 21 on August 15th aka yesterday. I may or may not have edited these photos while drinking some fine wine so they may or may not be oddly edited. With that out of the way...I wasn't anticipating doing anything exciting or crazy for my 21st, because I never do anything on my birthday. If I want to do anything, I usually have to plan it and I just don't see the point in celebrating another year closer to death so yeah (well that took a turn for the worst!) but this year I was sort of excited because my uncle bought me this amazingly fancy and gorgeous frock and I thought I would wear it out to lunch with my dad and some relatives. This dress is absolutely divine. It's lacey and soft and such a gorgeous shade of creamy peach. I love it. 

Turning 21 was interesting. People still got surprised that I turned 21 and one cashier at a Trader Joe's I went to, to pick up some wine and some other things, said he got drunk with his girlfriend when he turned 21. I was too embarrassed to say that I'm spending my 21 alone, watching Netflix, and talking to my cat (crazy cat lady status, here I come!) so I lied and said I went wine tasting. He said it was classy and I felt like less of a person because I lied and he was so nice. Ugh. But despite how boring my 21st sounds, I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the quiet company of my cat and sipping red wine dessert wine and writing. It was nice and I can definitely see why writers tend to steer towards light drinking while in writing mode. I did take a nap though and wake up with a huge headache which wasn't fun. But, bottom line, I don't think that to enjoy your 21st, you need to go out to every bar and get piss drunk. You can easily have a quiet night in all to yourself or plan an outing with friends. Copious amounts of alcohol aren't needed. Though, they do tend to make everything funnier. 

So, I am a year closer to death and I don't think I've changed A LOT but I have seen some differences in who I am now as opposed to who I was last year/last summer. The me now knows more about what I want, has a better understanding of people, has a better idea of what I want to do with my life, knows how to edit videos a lot better, is open to experimenting with different fashion styles and makeup choices, and has a very solid idea of who I am and who I want to be farther down the line in my life. I've lost a few friends (they didn't die, they just failed to mature and I didn't want to surround myself with people like that) and you know what? I'm not even sorry for losing them. I want to surround myself with people who know who they are and are able to mature and encounter conflict without reacting like a high schooler and unfortunately for those friends I lost, they failed to accomplish any of that. It sounds harsh, but I couldn't have that. Although to be fair, the first friend I lost threw our friendship away for whatever reason but I'm betting on maybe she wanted to be the cutest (and only) Asian girl in the room, which is sad because clothes may alter how someone perceives you, but your personality makes the outfit. Like if a girl is dressed in a cute dress and cute boots, my first thought is: ADORABLE until I see the scowl and the poor posture and it only worsens when she opens her mouth and it turns out she's rude and judgmental. Yeah. That girl suddenly goes from cute and adorable to leaving a bitter and gross feeling in me, like I had just eaten a rotten mango or something.

I'm a lot happier this year than I was last year. 

 Outfit Details: Dress (Gifted) | Coral Peter Pan Collar Spring Coat (Thrifted) | Brown Bag (Target) | Sunnies (Thrifted) | Twist Ring on right hand (Claire's) | Bear Ears ring on left hand (Forever 21) | Bow heels (Famous Footwear)

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